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I would like to thank Judy Adrian and Melissa Matkin for volunteering for the Tournament Director Chair positions. These wonderful ladies will be taking on this very important job for the next two years. Please make sure to thank them when you see them as we want to make sure they know how much we appriciate their contribution to our continued success as an organization. I know we all want them to have a successful two years and will make sure they have the support and gratitude of eveyone involved in the GSWPGA, either as a board member, committee chair or participant. Thank you again, Carrie Bullinger GSWPGA President

Results Snoqualmie Falls, 2017 Championship

One of several hundred pictures from a 1980 GSWPGA scrapbook. Go to the museum collection page and scroll down to 1980 Scrapbook.

Results after team play atĀ  Maplewood June 30th
HandicapĀ  Scratch
Points Total Pts Place Points Total Pts Place
Maplewood 4.5 24 1 Riverbend 7.5 25 1
Jackson Jills 7 21.5 2 Maplewood 5.5 24.5 2
Bellevue 4.5 20 3 Bellevue 3.5 18.5 3
Riverbend 7.5 19.5 4 Jackson Jills 6 17 4
Willows Run 1.5 12.5 5 Willows Run 1.5 16.5 5
Mount Si 2 10.5 6 Mount Si 3 6.5 6


Results Snoqualmie Falls

From Carrie Bullinger: We will need to find a new tournament chairperson for next year. Liane Greaney has served in the postion for 2 years and will be steping down at the end of this season. As you all know this is a very important position and the organization cannot continue without a replacement. I am hoping to have someone commit to fill the position this year and begin getting up to speed on the new Tournament Pairing software, Golf Genius, which we will be required to use starting next year. The WSWPLA has begun using the program this year and has kindly agreed to help mentor whomever takes on this position.
Please talk to all your members and help recruit a new chairperson right away. This is a 2 year commitment.  Tournament Chair green fees for the monthly sweeps events are paid by GSWPGA. Click here for formal job descripton.

May 11th is the GSWPGA President's Cup at Snoqualmie Falls.  This event will include a raffle which will support Carrie's chosen charity Meals on Wheels.  Each club should bring an item for the raffle valued at around $50.  Baskets are great, rounds of golf, etc. - anything your club can put together to support this worthy cause is appreciated.  Bring cash to buy tickets.You'll be able to pre-order and pay for lunch that morning.  There are three choices:1.Wrap 2.Hamburger 3. Salad. Price for each is $11 which includes the tax & tip.  Carrie will have a signup sheet with the choices there that morning. Let's hope we have good weather!!! Cindy Andre

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